General Information

The Education Hub prides on its innovative concept of education.

It aims to enhance the students’ right and ability to access a holistic educational experience whilst being empowered to exceed expectations and surpass any limitations they may encounter.

Achieving these goals means full commitment and hard work. This is why it is essential that every member of the hub is fully aware of his / her rights and responsibilities.

Our School

The foundations of the school are flexibility and sensitivity towards each young person. Thus, it strives to provide the appropriate programme for each student and inspire positive change.

The students who attend this school come from different environments and backgrounds and as a result they have all been exposed to various situations which hinder their learning process. Hence, the programme offered, emphasises on personal development and discipline, as well as employability skills. Ultimately, all these elements lead to their personal growth.

Nearly each student gets individual attention, because the school population is made up of 16 students as well as 20 members of staff. The teaching approach is based on hands-on activities and experimental learning. The teachers support each other and have adopted an embedded learning approach, where they aim to deliver academic subjects while the students are engaged in their projects.

The decision of having small groups in each class has helped to create the proper setup for the young adults to be able to discover their strengths and build on them. This also enhances a community atmosphere.

Amongst the values that the school constantly promotes, respect and tolerance take priority. These are the values which define our school.

The ultimate goal is that the students are given the necessary tools that will inspire them to pursue their studies or get a proper employment which gives them the dignity they deserve.


The Education Hub seeks to offer an alternative learning programme that caters for different abilities, interests and talents of young people.  We endlessly make every effort to offer a safe, orderly, caring & supportive environment.  To make this programme possible, the school strives to have the parents, teachers and community members, continuously actively involved in our school system learning.


To educate and enrich our students in a holistic way and to provide them with an alternative learning programme so as to empower them to become successful and responsible citizens.