Feast of Saint Martin at Education Hub

At the Education Hub, the values of life are amongst the most important things, that the teachers are willing to pass on to the students.

To celebrate the feast of Saint Martin, which is celebrated during the month of November, the students were asked to be kind and generous and to exercise the act of sharing. They got a few items from home, such as bars of chocolate, preserves, pasta, coffee, tea and other things they chose to do without.

The students identified the Ursuline Sisters of Angela House as the beneficiaries for this event because they wanted to help children and adolescents like them.

The teachers also pitched in and after putting all the goods together, they managed to fill up 3 baskets to help lift some of the weight off the sisters’ shoulders.

Sr. Paula visited the Hub and whilst thanking the students for their contributions shared some of her experiences with them. The different scenarios the nun described made the children more thankful and appreciative of their guardians and parents.

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