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On the 19th of January, 2016, Axl Mallia, Leon Scicluna together with their Home Economics teacher, Karl Mifsud, were invited to prepare delicious and healthy food live on Niskata, a daily magazine programme aired on National T.V.

Angela Aguis, presenter and producer of the programme, together with her great team welcomed us and made us feel at home. Since we were in a different environment than usual, our students were very shy at first, but as time went by and as the programme evolved, and with encouraging words of Ms. Aguis, our students enjoyed every minute of it.

Since 2016 is the year dedicated to pulses, we prepared dishes made out of orange and brown lentils. First we prepared an orange lentil dip, served with celery sticks as a starter. Then a spinach and brown lentil soup and lastly tuna and orange lentil patties served on a bed of mixed leaves.

Axl and Leon, showed great interest in what they were doing and helped their teacher prepare these scrumptious dishes in a very pleasing manner. Once back at school, they could not stop telling their friends what a lovely experience they had at the studio.

Ms. Aguis was very pleased with the outcome and invited us again on her programme to prepare some more mouth-watering dishes!

Website: TVM – Niskata

Hub on TV

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