“A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Ministry for Education and Employment (MEDE) through San Gorg Preca College, Msida Educational Hub (MEH), and the University of Malta (UM) through its Faculty for Social Wellbeing – University of Malta (FSWB). The signatories for the 3 year agreement were Prof. Alfred J. Vella, UM Rector, and Dr Frank Fabri, Permanent Secretary MEDE, in the presence of Minister Evarist Bartolo, Prof. Andrew Azzopardi, Dean FSWB, and Mr James Camilleri, College Principal San Gorg Preca College (SGPC)

The MoU highlights the mutual benefit that structured communication and cooperation would result in and shows the commitment by both Parties to work together towards furthering the mainstreaming of young people within an inclusive community.

The Faculty for Social Wellbeing continues to work hard in bridge-building and in reaching out to stakeholders. This initiative seeks to address the needs of the Hub by taking advantage of the Faculty’s academic acumen and expertise in professional training.

FSWB and the MEH intend to undertake collaborative initiatives that include the provision of supervision services to the staff of the MEH by FSWB (through the Department of Counselling) and the recruitment by FSWB of a group of University students who will develop a befriending programme involving the students at MEH. Funds will be provided by MEH (through the MEDE) for action and emancipatory-based research, undertaken by FSWB, that will contribute to a better understanding and improved strategies on how to deal with young people in challenging circumstances. On the cards is also the joint organisation of an annual symposium on an area related to the area of behaviour and young people.” – Edukazzjoni

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