Learning to be positive

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Learning to be positive

The Education Hub forms part of the San Ġorġ Preca College. It is a school which was founded this year to provide students who are academically challenged, for various reasons, with an Alternative Learning Programme.

These students were well-known for their lack in attendance and unruly behaviour. But nowadays they eagerly attend school every day, keen on learning and participating during their classes while acquiring the necessary values they’ll need later on in life and transforming themselves into respectful citizens.

On Friday, October 30, they had a day full of activities prepared for them by their teachers. Despite their excitement to participate in the sports activities and treasure hunt to celebrate Halloween, the students gathered in the hall as they were honoured to welcome a very special guest in what now has become their second home.

The students were visited by Bjorn Formosa, who shared his experience of being diagnosed with the rapidly progressive neuromuscular disease ALS.

The boys were dumbstruck and became conscious of how often we take things for granted.

However, they were mostly impressed by Formosa’s positive outlook on life and his yearning to help others in spite of the difficulties and pain he has been encountering every day since he’s been diagnosed.

The 22 students, together with the teachers and staff, presented Bjorn and ALS Malta with a donation of €100 to contribute towards further research on a cure for ALS.

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