access-152184_960_720Information Communications Technology includes a variety of definitions but basically ICT lessons at the hub are about introducing students to different means of technology and resources which are needed to communicate information effectively.

The students have one double lesson every week, and the focus is put on hands-on practical activities. Indeed, most tasks are done on the computer through a project based approach, where the students are given a guided worksheet explaining clearly the objectives that they are expected to achieve.

Online quiz and interactive activities are of central importance during ICT lessons in order to interest the students as much as possible. The topics presented are based on the most fundamental skills that students must attain to strive in a digitised society. Hence, all topics are made as practical as possible to the students lives so that they can  developed new ways of thinking while embracing the feasibility of the subject.

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think” – Albert Einstein

Marketing Banners for XL Christmas Project 2016 During ICT Lessons
Plicker Cards Activity- 1st Term 2016
Kahoot Quiz- 1st Term 2016