XL Project

Students had to undertake an enterprise project as part of the XL Prince’s Trust Programme. Firstly, student had to identify the purpose of the enterprise as well as the skills of effective entrepreneurs. Students also had to define what is meant by good customer service. Once this was settled, students had to generate and select ideas for possible enterprise projects. As soon as the ideas were generated, students had to outline the benefits of each idea and state the reasons for final choice of enterprise project.

It was then time to start the actual planning phase. There were four groups (4.1, 4.2, 5.1 and 5.1) and the students themselves had to identify their own and group task needed for this enterprise. Firstly, they needed to list the order in which the tasks had to be achieved. Secondly, students had to identify the resources needed to create the Christmas items. They had to keep in mind to create artefacts which satisfy different customers. Finally, they had to calculate the likely costs involved. Different teachers were in charge of different groups:

Group 4.1 – Sir Mario

Group 4.2 –  Ms Leanne

Group 5.1 – Ms Corinne

Group 5.2 – Sir Karl

The creation of products took out several weeks and the help of a lot of teachers. Basically students created:

Food Items (HE Lessons)

  • Chocolate Truffle Puds € 4.00
  • Fruity Mince Pies € 3.00
  • Christmas Log € 6.00
  • Christmas Cookies € 1.50

Woodwork (Design & Technology and Woodwork Lessons)

  • Christmas Trees € 3.00
  • Star Ornaments € 1.50
  • Book Holders € 8.00
  • Key Holders € 5.00

 Decorations (Gardening Lessons)

  • Christmas Reefs € 4.00- 5.00

Art and Pottery (Art Lessons)

  • Candle Shades    € 4.00
  • Christmas Cards (Packet of 10)  € 4.00
  • Glass Art Designs     € 5.00

Once the products were created, students had to create a marketing resource to promote the enterprise project. Such promotional manners were carried out during ICT lessons. Once everything was settled, each group did some stock taking and went to the location that they were assigned to so that the actual selling could start. The locations were:

  1. Operations and Business Banking Centre HSBC in Hal Qormi
  2. Call Centre HSBC in Swatar
  3. Education Building in Floriana

After evaluating the whole project, students had to identify ways how this overall project could have been improved.