Attendance and Punctuality

At the Education Hub we believe that there is a clear link between attendance and achievement. This is why we expect every student to attend the hub everyday with no unauthorised absence.

Acceptable reasons for absence:

  1. Genuine illness
  2. Medical or dental appointments (to be backed up by documentation)
  3. Death or funeral in the family
  4. Religious celebrations
    • If you are unable to attend the hub your parent/guardian is to call the Head of School on the first day of absence on 25987280
    • You are expected to be punctual at all times. You are to be at the hub by 08:10am
    • Attendance will be taken every morning at 08:15am. If you are not present for the morning assembly your parent/ guardian will be informed and it will count as an absence on the attendance record
    • Attendance and punctuality for all lessons will be monitored
  • If you need to leave the hub early, you need to provide a note from your parent/ guardian with signature and ID card number

Uniform and Appearance

The uniform is an integral aspect of life within the Education Hub. This is because it is intended to promote equality and self-respect. However, we also believe that every student should have the opportunity to express individuality. We aim to do this by merging the school culture with the youth culture. We, therefore, expect that every student follows the stipulated uniform code.

    • Students are always expected to wear the polo-shirts, sweat shirts and hoodies with the Education Hub logo on them. These clothing items are to be well taken care of.
    • Students are to wear comfortable tracksuit trousers in winter and bermudas in summer. The colours that may be worn are black, navy blue and grey. Tracksuit trousers and bermudas are strictly to be plain and worn well. No underwear is to be visible.
    • Students are to wear plain black, grey or white jogging shoes. These should be comfortable and are to be kept well fastened for safety reasons.
    • Hair should always be clean and tidy. Long hair is to be tied back. Hair colour is to be kept natural.
    • The jewellery item that will be allowed is a watch. No earrings and facial or body piercings will be accepted. Rings, bracelets and necklaces are to be kept to the minimum for safety reasons.
  • Any item worn which is not part of the uniform will be confiscated and will only be returned to the parent/guardian. These items are to be collected from the Head of School’s office.



Since safety is one of the major principles of the Education Hub, students are expected to follow specific regulations as regards transport services. This will ensure that every student is given the right to arrive to the premises and return home safely and on time every day. It is, therefore, essential that all students using the transport service behave respectfully and appropriately at all time.

  • Students are expected to be at the designated pick-up location on time. Should students not be there on time they will miss the transport service.
  • Students are to remain seated all throughout the journey. This will decrease the risks of injuries and other dangers.
  • Students may never carry objects that can be used as weapons. Should this happen, the driver will reserve the right to report immediately to the Head of School and the object will be confiscated.
  • Students are to use respectful language and refrain from swearing and using foul words.
  • Students may never shout at, tease or taunt people passing by on the streets.
  • Students may never throw objects out of the windows.
  • Smoking is prohibited.
  • Students are to follow instructions given by the driver.

Students who would like to report any irregular behaviour should feel free to approach the Head of School as soon as possible.

Route No.

Category Pick-Up/Drop-Off Points Vehicle



Marsaskala ( Triq il-Qaliet ) – STA. LUCIA ( Triq il-Gnien ) – FGURA ( Fgura Petrol Station ) – BORMLA (Fuq San Pawl, Telephone Box)


092 DX BIRKIRKARA ( Triq il- Karmnu/ Triq il- Bwieraq) – MARSA ( Spencer HIll ) – QORMI (Triq Pinto) – HAMRUN (Triq id- Duluri/Triq P.Xeureb ) – Indri Cilia (Triq Pawlu Saliba) – FLORIANA (Triq St. Anna) – VALLETTA (Baviera/ Lands Dept)


Work Placement Location: Category D,  Various locations of work placement, Minibus

 Guidance Service

While performing duties of a teacher, a guidance teacher assists and guides students in their personal, educational and vocational development by providing individual sessions, group sessions and / or meetings and / or outings. We liaise with parents and teaching staff as much as possible so that students feel supported along his scholastic journey.

Healthy Eating

Health and wellbeing are indispensable when aiming to achieve effective education. It is essential that this basic need is met on a daily basis. It is a fact that students who lead a healthy lifestyle are more productive and able to achieve a better quality of life and higher goals. This is why we expect that every member of the Education Hub does his/her utmost to lead a healthy lifestyle.

  • Permissible drinks
      • Water, still or sparkling
      • Fresh semi-skimmed milk
      • Drinks made from fruits, vegetables, yoghurt or milk, or from a combination of these, including smoothies
      • Low fat chocolate drinks
      • Drinks containing high levels of fat, sugar, sweeteners and caffeine are strictly prohibited
      • Oat, Soya or rice drinks
      • Cold or hot milk drinks
      • 100% pure fruit/vegetable juices
      • Vending machines on premises are to contain water and healthy snacks
      • Students are to bring healthy packed lunches to school. If the students have difficulty doing so, the school will educate students to prepare their own healthy packed lunch
      • School will, from time to time, provide healthy snacks for students and staff members
      • Fruit will be sold in the canteen
    • The promotion of healthy eating and physical activity should be constant among staff members and students

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