Home Economics

HEHome Economics:

Home Economics learning at the hub follows project based learning techniques, in which students together with their teachers use a hand on approach towards the subject, which in turn allows them to produce interesting food items. Through these projects students will be able to deepen their knowledge of different types of food, safety and hygiene, different labour saving devices, and other useful day to day items found in the food lab, at home and later on at work. Moreover the students will learn how the sell package and promote healthy living through innovative projects in conjunction with other subjects taught at the hub.

One must not forget that home economics students at the hub help out in the preparation of breakfast, which is served daily from 7:00am till 8:00 am and they might also have a go at the innovative home economics club in which they can prepare food items ready to sell (for special activities that take place at the hub) and turn old unusable objects into reusable ones.


5.2 Cooking Session – November 2016

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